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Habitual Traffic License Restoration

DL Restoration

Under Florida law you can have your driver’s license revoked for an accumulation of points. If you get three driving with a license suspended on the third it can be charged as a felony and would then be facing up to 5 years in prison.

Habitual Traffic License Restoration

Having done hundreds of Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) License Restorations over 28 years of practice, I have the experience and knowledge to help get your license back. I have often had Habitual Traffic Offender suspensions overturned quickly. Do not lose your freedom by not having a license. Get regular insurance without the requirement of an SR 22. In most cases, I can get all record of a driver’s license suspension removed from your driving record thus enabling you to qualify for discount insurances. The amount you will save in your reduced insurance rates will more than pay for removing the HTO standing from your record. Call immediately for a free consultation.