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You need to seek legal advice immediately!

You need someone to advocate for you BEFORE the state decides what charges to file. Often times an attorney can speak to the State Attorneys Office BEFORE charges are filed and get your charges reduced. For example- Felonies may be reduced to misdemeanors and/ or sometimes charges can be COMPLETELY dropped.


Traffic Citation

As you are aware, traffic citations can be costly in terms of how they affect your driving record, automobile insurance rates & time in court. ...

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If you've been stopped on a drunk driving, implied consent, or felony DUI charge, contact me today! Our experience with all phases of DUI ...

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Habitual Traffic License Restoration

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles may revoke or suspend your license after an accumulation of too many points ...

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Charges of drug possession in the state of Florida are common and can happen to people who are not lifelong criminals ...

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Representing you and your Commercial Driver's License in Jacksonville

The difference between paying your mortgage this month and wondering whether you will be able to make a payment can be a single ticket. ...

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Felonies/Misdemeanors Assault and Battery

Simple Assault is a misdemeanor under Florida law and is defined by Florida Statute 784.011 as an intentional, unlawful ...

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Theft is considered a crime of dishonesty in Florida. If you are convicted on any theft charge, whether it is misdemeanor ...

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If you have been arrested for arson do not hesitate to hire an attorney to begin preparing your defense as this is a felony ...

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If you are charged with Burglary it is essential to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to avoid a conviction. Burglary is always ...

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