You need someone to advocate for you BEFORE the state decides what charges to file. Often times an attorney can speak to the State Attorneys Office BEFORE charges are filed and get your charges reduced. For example- Felonies may be reduced to misdemeanors and/ or sometimes charges can be COMPLETELY dropped.

When you are facing criminal charges, you are fighting for your freedom and your future. You are fighting against the police, the prosecutors and the resources of the state of Florida. You should not go to battle alone and without the assistance of an experienced attorney. You should consult a lawyer who has the experience, the tenacity and the integrity necessary to aggressively protect your rights inside of the courtroom.

At my law firm in Jacksonville Florida, I understand how important it is to put pressure on the prosecution to prove their case and how to work towards the reduction or elimination of criminal charges and penalties. In over 25 years of the practice of criminal defense, I have been recognized for my continued success and the effort that I put into every case that I handle.